Summer 2023 Youth Training Camps

The Summer 2023 Training Camp is here! The Summer 2023 Training Camps are being divided into three sessions:

Session 1: June 12 - June 30

Session 2: July 10 - July 28

Session 3: August 7 - August 25

Sign up for all three sessions and recieve 15% off!

Packages and Costs

2 Hours/Week Package

  • 2 Hours of Classes per Week
  • $150 per Session

3 Hours/Week Package

  • 3 Hours of Classes per Week
  • $185 per Session

4 Hours/Week Package

  • 4 Hours of Classes per Week
  • $200 per Session

Unlimited Hours/Week Package

  • Unlimited Hours of Classes per week
  • $240 per Session

How to Register

To register or to ask any questions, please send an email to Coach Keysha with the following information:

  • Parent/guardian name
  • Athlete name(s), age(s), and school(s)
  • Training Package(s) for each athlete (e.g., 3 Hours or Unlimited)
  • Which Session(s) they wish to attend
  • First, second, and third choices in training schedule days and times

Youth Camps

Youth Developmental Strength and Conditioning (Ages 8-12)

A strong base foundation is the most important aspect to an athlete\’s future success and this program is designed to help teach the athletic skills necessary to be successful at any sport. This class is designed to improve overall athleticism and help your child learn how to properly jump, run, tumble, jump rope, and develop their speed and agility. This class' bodyweight strength training exercises are also designed to help your child properly adapt to the ongoing changes in their body's size, weight, and strength as they continue to grow.

Class Schedule:

  • Tuesday/Thursday/Friday @ 9:00am
  • Monday/Thursday @ 5:00pm

Advanced Youth Strength and Conditioning (Ages 10-12)

This training program was created specifically for our advanced and elite youth athletes. It covers the same skills and follows the same philosophy as the Youth Developmental Strength and Conditioning class, but done at a faster pace and utilizes more complex movements and skills. This class is perfect for the athletic “tween”.  

Class size is limited! Entry into this class is allowed by permission only. Athletes must be cleared by Coach Skipp or Coach Keysha.

Class Schedule:

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 9:00am
  • Monday/Thursday @ 4:00pm

High School Camps

High School Advanced Speed Development (Ages 13+)

Speed is one of the most valuable traits an athlete can cultivate. This class is taught by former Division I track and field athlete and elite runner Keysha Benzing. Her Speed Development training follows her unique philosophy “Run Smarter, Not Harder”. This highly-varied program uses state of the art training techniques and tools to help athletes become faster and more efficient runners. Beyond just fitness training, this program will help athletes develop proper running mechanics, understand the different phases in running/sprinting (i.e., acceleration, drive phase, max speed), improve force application and production, refine their start technique, correct issues with their running posture, and instill an appreciation of what it means to compete. Training can be joined at any time and is open to all athletes of all ability levels from novice to elite ages 13 and up. Keysha believes that, while there are individuals who are natural runners, running is still a skill that EVERYONE can further develop to be a more efficient, effective, faster, and explosive athlete.

Class size is limited!

Class Schedule:

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 11:00am

Plyometric Agility Core Conditioning Training (”PACCT”) (Ages 13+)

A great conditioning workout for any athlete, this class is a fun mix of varied exercises that is never boring. Athletes are coached through various styles of jump training, multi directional speed, agility exercises, gymnastic skills, core exercises, and much more. Great class for all athletes, especially those participating in multi-directional sports.

Class size is limited!

Class Schedule:

  • Tuesday/Thursday @ 11:00am

High School Introduction/Intermediate Strength and Power Training (Ages 13+)

Crossfit Madtown starts all of its athletes here regardless of their lifting background and experience, as we often find that our style of training is a whole new beast for many athletes. This program provides young athletes the opportunity to participate in a training program similar to one that we offer to collegiate and professional athletes in a fun, safe, professional, and supervised environment. This program is designed to assist athletes in improving their speed, power, strength, stamina, coordination, flexibility, core, quickness, agility, mental toughness, and nutrition. Athletes are also be instructed in proper lifting technique, breathing, body mechanics, and posture. We also focus on the mental side of athletic excellence through the development of a strong work ethic, the encouragment of a “champion’s attitude”, and helping athletes learn what it means to compete.

Class size is limited!

Class Schedule:

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 9:00am
  • Monday/Thursday @ 4:00pm

High School Intermediate/Advanced Strength and Conditioning (Ages 13+)

This is the training program we want all of our young athletes striving to reach. This group is comprised of elite local athletes who are college bound... preferably on scholarship. We train these athletes just like we train our collegiate and professional athletes. With the help of this program, they WILL be one step ahead of both their teammates and their competition when they reach their destination. Many of our former athletes who are now college-athletes train in this group as well!

Class size is limited!

Class Schedule:

  • Tuesday/Thursday/Friday @ 10:00am

Advanced High School Olympic Weightlifting

Whether you're looking to develop your speed, acceleration, coordination, strength, and power or you simply want to up your fitness game, Olympic Lifting with CrossFit MadTown is for you. Athletes will learn proper lifting technique, mechanics, breathing, and body posture. Use this class as a method of non-competitive training and conditioning or develop your technique to compete on the MadTown Weight Lifting Club—a team that won the 2011, 2014 and 2015 Wisconsin State Championships and has helped numerous athletes to qualify for the USA National Championships.

Class size is limited! Entry into this class is allowed by invite only. Athletes must be cleared by Coach Skipp or Coach Keysha.

Class Schedule:

  • Monday/Wednesday @ 10:00am